Commercial & Industrial CCTV Solutions for Business Clients

Each customer is unique and is treated as such; the bespoke approach is tailored to that customer, what they think they need and what their circumstances tell Clear CCTV must be provided.

Each project is planned out most efficiently. CCTV Install and Change does not have to a disruptive experience, you can run as normal with customers and employees around or there may be other contractors on site or at your satellite premises. The customer disruptions are minimal. Requirements can change during project fulfilment, and at any time there after, for various reasons, often beyond client control. Clear CCTV hold regular progress meetings and at least yearly reviews to capture issues, changes and new risks so the solution can be altered to meet those changed requirements – no problem.

Clear CCTV train those who operate the CCTV during commissioning and in most instances further support is not needed or can be accommodated on an ah-hoc basis. Clear CCTV also offer 24/7 contracted support for operational teams during the early days, either on-site or through telephone support. This optional support is set up on a case by case basis as part of the contract.

Contracts are subject to yearly, 3 year or 5 year renewal.

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